Long Term Parking

Mystery & Thrillers

By Michael Del Ray

Publisher : Estate House

ABOUT Michael Del Ray

Michael del Ray
Michael del Ray (1941-2008) was an American writer and life-long resident of the Texas Hill Country. del Ray was best known for horror and hard-boiled detective stories sold to pulp magazines in the 1960′s. del Ray commanded a small but energetic fan base while alive and as is  More...



Private dick, Boston Nightly, knows there are three absolutes in life. The first? Whenever a mug thinks he's about to be flush with a little cash, the washing machine floods the laundry room, or the a.c. unit quits, or the car’s front end alignment goes all to hell. And the second? Contrary to what anybody in this world might tell you—dying hurts like hell. And, Boston should know, for in the last six months alone, he's been killed nine times. He discovers after his first death, that Heaven isn't all that it's made out to be. In fact, it's a whole lot like Earth. Recruited as bounty hunter to satisfy an afterlife that has a sharp inclination toward Old Testament revenge, Boston finds himself head back to Earth to retrieve mob boss, Joey Sacs and all of his crew. And that third absolute? Don't ever get sideways with the mob, it only pisses them off, and they always send someone looking for you.


Long Term Parking is an irreverent noir parody on death, sex, religion, dogs and guns...lots and lots of guns. -Texas Reader Review

Texas Private-eye, Boston Nightly lives by three absolutes, the second being that dying hurts like hell. And Boston should know, for in the past year alone, he has been killed nine times. And even stranger? Boston finds out that his killer dumped a dog in the grave with him and he arrives in the afterlife – part pooch. Employed as Heaven’s bounty hunter, Boston’s new boss, Tommy Gallo sends the dog-face gumshoe back to Earth to whack a mob hit man, an owner of a mob parking lot, a mob boss and the niece of the mob boss.

“...an amusing book for those who love dogs, guns, sex, and satirire...will get you laughing, thinking about things you may have never even thought about before, and then laughing again.