Shetlands Immortals: Against My First Love

Shetlands Immortals: Against My First Love

ABOUT Kristal McKerrington

Kristal McKerrington

I'm a twenty two year old writer from Scotland, who believes in breaking new ground and making a huge difference to people's lives through the art of word.

I'm now a 16 time published Author with XoXo Publishing. My work consists of the following works. You can buy them on More...



'Carla McBain was just an ordinary sixteen year old girl, until one late night in October; Carla was murdered in her dorm room. Carla was scared until Oscar and Daryl meet her on her return to the Islands, to meet her parents. After confronting her, they realise that she is a new Immortal. After staging her death, the pair convinces Carla to return to their Holy Ground, where they tell her everything that they know. They train her until the day comes that the Islanders grew suspicious of her presence there within the Old Viking Temple. Deciding it’s safer to leave, they head out into the night in search of someone else who can tell them the truth about why they are Immortals. What will they find? Can Oscar and Daryl survive outside of the Temple with a young Immortal? How did they end up Immortal and why are they protecting her? What happens when she meets her first love who is responsible for her being Immortal in the first place?