Stories from the Asphalt

Stories from the Asphalt

ABOUT John Sparger

John Sparger
John Sparger was born and raised in Southern Illinois and still lives less than a tank of gas from his old stomping grounds. At sixteen he began performing in rock bands and later, rock operas... anywhere he could scream without getting handcuffed.

He spent his 20s riding aroun More...



After his father skips out on his eighth birthday never to return, Johnny's mother shuts down emotionally and buries her boredom in a decade of alcohol and men. Two months shy of his eighteenth birthday, his high school girlfriend dies in a bad drag between a car and a train. Devastated, Johnny sets off on his Harley to search for the remnants of family on the road between destruction and enlightenment.

Through an interconnected collage of short stories, flash fiction, poetry and artwork, readers take a motorcycle road trip across the country and into the lives of saints, dealers, junkies and whores; abandoned and lost souls looking for something, anything to fill the void along the pursuit of happiness in the underbelly of the American Dream.