Opium Valentines


By Elise Marieanna

Publisher : Masque Publishing

ABOUT Elise Marieanna

Elise Marieanna



Elise has thus captured the essence in the most tribal affair of all poets. Evermore does she invoke a deep passion of ecstasy that is inside us all. Truly the decree of diversity is awakened from within its slumber longing to be embarked by immense affairs of human understanding. Evoking a subtle note of elixir to our lips and a perception made well aware in even the most simplest of creatures and thus to the highest intellect of any individual.

Not only does Elise provide us with clear understanding but also provides us with something not found common in everyday poetry, STYLE! Elise has her own keen sense of what poetry was meant to be and she bears the mark of Mistress of Poetic and Lyrical Composition.

She has indeed given us the burnished format in an intrinsic plan to self discovery. Thus the formulation of her work is the metempsychosis of classical poetry at its finest!

Hail the Mistress of Magick and poetical composition! She is the Voice, Practice and Memory of the Ancients: Erato (Love Poetry), Euterpe (Lyric Poetry) and Polyhymnia (Sacred Poetry).

Truly an Illumination of Bliss in a perception yet that cannot be defined by science or metaphysical evidence. She has become the fingerprint of poetic genius and I truly recommend her work to anyone and everyone who is thus into the realms of poetry and music.

A must read! Believe me, your bookshelf is not complete without a copy of her works and I now leave you with one warning: You will not put it down once you begin!

It is a Reality!

Author and Poet TC McKinney

Elise's Opium Valentines intoxicates, addicting us to her passions, creating them ours. Cast in the classic, her Songs of Songs are uncannily Sapphoesue. No higher praise than that.

Caught between Scylla and Charybdis, she unleashes on us her insatiable hunger for the untamed, unrelenting, unfathonable wilderness of human passions. Hers are nothing less than Aphrodite's dreams.

Richard Vallance, Describe Adonis Press, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.