Giant Steps

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When 12-year-old Barbara and her older sister Kyla lose their parents, Barbara must not only deal with her grief, but with Kyla as her guardian, and all the other changes she now faces.

co-authored with Mary E. Winklebleck
By Marilyn Stacy

Giant Steps surpised me. It is not only a good read, it is one that everyone experiencing loss and grief could learn from. The main inhabitants of this book and story are young, but they have very grown-up problems to deal with. Barbara and her sister Kyla come alive through the attention to detail and humor that the author(s) use. I cared about them. And I think everyone who reads this book will care too. Read it, give it to a friend, and if you have a young person in your life, make a gift of this delightful book.

(Marilyn is a Dallas psychotherapist, and Professor Emeritus at Richland College.)