Wasteland (The Kin Trilogy)

ABOUT Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams
When I was just an ankle biter, I had dreams of running away and joining the circus. I'd regale the crowds with stories of my adventures, hang out with lions, and eat hot dogs and popcorn all day.
While I'm not quite rocking the super cool get-up and living off of deep fried treats, I More...


Becca Wilkinson is a nobody, and those that are aware of her existence know her as "that quiet girl in the back of class", "loser", or her favorite- "that chick that killed all those people". 

While most people at Leeville High have long forgotten Becca's role in the devastating car wreck that happened a year ago, she still has nightmares. Her memories are in fragments and what little she remembers doesn't make sense. Memories of hearing voices and moving things without touching them. 

Luke Johnston is a new kid and has all the girls at Leeville eating out the palm of his hand...except Becca. He seems drawn to her but there's something dark and dangerous about him. But he knows something about her-the true nature behind what happened during the accident. Can she let her guard down to learn the truth? 

After a friend of mine confided that she was being bullied because of her sexuality, I knew I wanted to do a YA novel with the protagonist battling with feelings of being an outsider/bullied. And since scifi/fantasy is my favorite genre, when I went to the drawing board, I wanted to put a different spin on the coming of age story.

"Well-written and engrossing." --Theresa, Just Nook It
"I'll be counting down the days until May, when the second book comes out so I can see what happens next!" --Amanda, Letters Written Inside Out
"I was drawn into the book really quickly and was sad when it ended." --Vicky, ComaCalm's Corner