General Fiction

By Jackie Chanel

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Jackie Chanel

Jackie Chanel
I live life by one simple quote..."When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw Them Back and Scream, "Limes, Motherf&%$er, I Want Limes!"
It's this rebellious attitude that started me on the path of writing fiction novels.  I write because it allows me to escape the routine  More...



Who desires to lead a normal life?  Not Aiden.  Born and raised in an affluent community, where his entire life was drawn out for him, Aiden decides to give up everything that his parents planned for him and pursue his own destiny.  When the belief that talent will take him further than "the right thing" ever will overshadows anything else, Aiden starts out on a journey of discovery to places only the music can take him.

I had the idea of writing this story after seeing a John Mayer performance in March 2010. I've always been a huge fan and his story is inspiring. I've never been musically inclined so I thought it would be interesting to write about the struggles of a person who wants nothing more to play the music that I love. Untitled* is definitely a break from the novels I've written before. At one time, I considered myself to be an urban romance author but there was a voice inside my head telling me that I could write from a different perspective and not all authors experience every single thing they write about. That's what I did and wrote an amazing story about a guitar player.