Shiner's Return

Young Adult

By Nolan Carlson

Publisher : Vinspire Publishing

ABOUT Nolan Carlson

Nolan Carlson
Dr. Nolan Carlson is married and the father of four grown children and five grandchildren. He has served in the military and also in the public school system as a teacher and counselor for twenty-four years. Also a business owner for twenty years, he has been a profess More...



The Summer and Shiner tale continues... Travel back with Carley and his best friend, Troop, as they once again dive into adventure, mischief, and fun. Join them in their antics at school and as they save Big Louie, the giant catfish. There are Halloween hijinks, a daring rescue for Shiner, and more trouble than Carley bargained for this school year. You'll recognize some old familiar faces and be introduced to new ones-the terrifying schoolmarm, Miss Both, Carley's new rival, Moose Harrigan, and a girl Carley would rather not know, Toby Swanson. And Carley welcomes a brand new friend. Don't miss his excitement or the journey back to Turtle Creek and Carley's hometown.

Shiner's Return is still a good book to read or maybe even to read to a younger child. The characters are really true to life and the lifestyle gives a good look into how things were in the 1940s. I would recommend this book for the younger reader. Especially if they enjoy the Tom Sawyer type of books.~ The Long and Short of It Reviews