General Fiction, Poetry, Young Adult

By Demetria Head

Publisher : Publish America

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demetria head
Demetria Head's artistic and creative writing abilities stems from a family of extraordinarily gifted people in the areas of fine art and literatute, under whom she's received some of her creative knowledge. Although she doesn't have many years of experience or a degree like others in the  More...


6 x 9 soft cover, 72 page poetry book

The bottle says open gently and he did just that to my heart" one of D.C. Head's poems suggests about one's experience with love. Flow is every woman's experience. Flow will take you on an exploration into the realm of love, lost or found. It is meant to provoke the innermost thoughts and feelings that women have experienced with both sexes. This book was written from the outside looking in at a world filled with heart-breaking and heart-warming episodes of a woman's life. With heart-gripping poetic prose, Flow digs deep into the core of every woman's heart with it's emotional depictions of a woman's wants, needs, experiences, desires and fantasies.

M Greggs's review
Dec 02, 10

5 of 5 stars
bookshelves: recommended-reading
status: Read in November, 2010

This book took me by surprise because it's not like your ordinary poetry book. I found myself relating to many of the poems which are sensual and really do get you to thinking about what the poems convey. The poems also leave the reader open to interpretation. It was a joy reading this book and the artwork, something you don't normally see in poetry books, was amazing and intoxicating. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who's ready and willing to explore a poetry book that gives a new spin to this genre.

Deanne's review
Jun 13, 10

5 of 5 stars

Just when you feel like you're all alone and out of place in this world, along comes an author who openly expresses her personal experiences, as well as others who are close to her, in this captivating collection of poetry. D.C. Head sheds light on the roller coaster ride of being a woman. Personal relationships with both sexes, addiction, and self image are all explored.