Wilderness Heart

General Fiction, Romance

By Jacqueline Hopkins

Publisher : Jacqueline Hopkins

ABOUT Jacqueline Hopkins

Jacqueline Hopkins
I am an author of various genres & reader of many genres who currently lives in Sitka, Alaska and recently published my first book, Wilderness Heart for the Amazon Kindle and createspace publishing platforms.  I was born in Oklahoma, have lived in CO, CA, ID (where I grew up and where More...


Lyn Taylor loves her job as an Idaho wilderness hunting guide, but her world is complicated. It is a man's job in a man's world where she must constantly prove she is very capable and qualified to guide men on their hunts. On top of her father barely engaging in life since the death of Lyn's mother, Lyn has second thoughts about marrying and having a man in her life.

But that was before she met Nic Randall, a lumber man, who comes from Montana to find timber to be bid on and milled. He is convinced she can't handle the job as their guide because she is a woman and she is, of course, insulted. Nevertheless, neither has much choice and are forced to spend day and night together for the seven day hunt. Lyn is not happy -- just how much is a confident, independent woman suppose to put up with? 

I grew up in Idaho and have traveled the road from Grangeville to Dixie many times, either by vehicle or snowmobile. I know the area well. A friend of mine was a hunting guide in that area and the waterfall incident I write about in my book really happened to her and she said I could use it in my book.

"I loved this book. The charactors were so real, you just wanted to climb in to the pages and live their lives. I dont usualy like books set in the 70s, I think people dont catch the real feeling of the era, but this book nailed it. Definetly read! Definetly Love!"

"Having lived in Idaho and knowing of the places mentioned in this book, made the story seem to be based on non-fiction rather than fiction. It is a story that makes you want to keep reading to see what happens to the main characters--you think you know what is going to happen, but then, situations change and you begin to wonder if the story is taking a different turn.....The author does well in bringing her characters to life and keeping the reader's attention. For a first book, I give it 4 stars!"

"Really great.  I read it in 2 days.  It felt like I was there and a part of it.  It draws you in and makes you want to read more. I cant wait for another book! This is not the typical, sappy love story, which is great."