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Rahiem Brooks
Rahiem Jerome Brooks is the breakout novelist with an overwhelming reservoir of criminal tales that motivate American denizen to be overprotective with their personal data, i.e. social security number, pin number, and account number. His debut street thriller, LAUGH NOW won 2010 African-Am More...


By 22, Kareem Bezel has made it to the top rung of the New York fashion scene, and he has done everything, including fraud, theft, receiving stolen property, theft by deception, identity theft, and embezzlement, to get there. His crafty spree of thievery propped his older brother, Andre "Dre" Bezel's illicit drug business right into the cross hairs of corrupt DEA Agent Lucas McKenzey, whom has had the brother's father falsely arrested for a murder.


Set in Philadelphia and its suburbs, LAUGH NOW, proposes that, although you're taken out the ghetto, if you were born to be a hustler that is what you'll be. The story does shift to New York, New York, but before the brothers get there, Dre is under suspicion for a murder, a rogue city councilman is killed, along with Dre's first business partner: a white kid, who worked for Agent McKenzey. LAUGH NOW has all of the elements: erotic sex, bangin' club scenes, lavish shopping spree, murderous robberies, a crafty escape from a hospital under the nose of federal agents, leading to a dangerous high-speed police chase, and something new to urban fiction: white collar crime, highlighting a whole new form of trickery. By the stories end, the brothers have a decorated federal agent exposed for the fraud that he is, and a story to tell: "The agent made us do it, or he would have us locked up like he did our dad." 


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