ABOUT Penelope Fletcher

Penelope Fletcher
When I grew up I wanted to be awesome (and look like Jessica Rabbit). Hadn't a clue in hell how this was going to come about (the awesome thing, not the Jessica Rabbit thing), or what my "gift" was to induce the awesomeness, but I was sure it would come to me eventually. 



Rae is falling into darkness….

Grieving the death of her friend at the hand of dark magics, Rae is full of hate and vengeance. Tracking Devlin and his followers across demon territory, she is forced to turn to the local shifter pack for help. Tricked into rescuing the pack Alpha’s daughters from the Temple, she learns there really is no place more dangerous than home.

Breandan the fairy is done being patient. He wants Rae to stand by his side and refuses any claim they are not destined to be. Unsure, Rae denies him the right to have her, but will the urges of her nature and the strength of their bond allow her to walk away? Then there is Tomas, the alluring vampire who needs her help. But what exactly does he expect of her, and is the cost of helping him worth turning her back on life itself?

Courted by the dark, and in love with the light, Rae must choose her path or face the burden of Rupturing the world once more.

A Demon Day will be out     June 2011