How Kelvyn got his name.

How Kelvyn got his name.

ABOUT Rosie Reay

Rosie Reay
Rosie Reay is a well-travelled author as you may have guessed already. She has lived in Africa, England and Spain, apart from her travels in North America. Her first book was inspired by a road trip a few years ago from California, USA to British Columbia, Canada and it has in fact trigger More...


1.Chimona Chronicles-Book One: How Kelvyn got his name 9780971015708

he story of how the Lake Okanagan critters come to life. A great story for early readers - 75 pages with illustrations. A lovely story that is also educational, showing kids how decisions are made, how to get advice and help, how to organize a meeting and have fun with names and places too. A fun kid's book about naming.

Parents, you will love it too. At least the first few times! Involve the younger ones through the characters and the illustrations when you read to them. Help them with the locations and glossary of new words. Load it on your laptop for the next roadtrip, then surprise the younglings when they get restless.

 2.ChimonaChronicles -book Two: Slaquin to the rescue 9780971015715

n Book 1 we learned all about the fun little critters of Lake Okanagan as they were brought to life. Now we see them in action, we see them solve a mystery, and we see them help some resort guests. Yes, they interact well with real people, and have similar lives. They will probably remind you of other kids and adults you know..

Parents, you will love it too as it also helps kids relate numbers as identifiers for things. And it is a lot easier to read over and over to your kids if you enjoy the story too.You might even miss the clues your first time through as well..