Summer and Shiner

Family & Relationships, Children's Books

By Nolan Carlson

Publisher : Vinspire Publishing

Summer and Shiner

ABOUT Nolan Carlson

Nolan Carlson
Dr Nolan Carlson lived in Kansas all of his life except for two years in the military service. Was a teacher for 14 years and a school counselor for 10 years. Retired at the end of the 97-98 school year.Owned a business for 16 years. Recived a PH.D from Kansas State University in 1997Wife  More...



SUMMER AND SHINER is a great adventure story of youthful adventure set in the Flint Hills of Kansas. It makes marvelous reading for middle school boys and girls. Throughout the book, in Huck Finn fashion, Carley experiences the adventures of a boy growing into manhood. The inseparable friendship of Carley's Native American blood brother, Troop, along with a pet racoon named Shiner, constitutes a barrel filled with adventure, danger, and fun. Travel back with Carley to a simpler time... a time for growing up, adventures and SUMMER AND SHINER!