A Cold Dark Place

Gay & Lesbian

By HD Hatcher

Publisher : Passionate Writer Publishing

ABOUT HD Hatcher

HD Hatcher
Author HD Hatcher is no newcomer on the literary

scene. He is author of In the Heart of the Closet, a

piece nominated for both the 2006 Stonewall Book

Award and the 2005 Lambda Literary Award. He is

an avid supporter of gay and lesbian causes, su More...



On a chance meeting, (at a mutual friend’s house) Luke finds the love of his life. Andy is what Luke has been longing for all of his adult years: the perfect man. But, this perfect man is not only straight—he is married to a woman who is more devilish than Satan himself.

In a bittersweet journey that will change his life forever, Luke must reach deep inside and find the strength he never knew existed. A Cold Dark Place is the story of a man who must pick up the pieces of his broken heart after a lifetime of heartbreak and betrayal.