Arrogation (Miscorrection)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By B.C. Young

Publisher : Forever Young Publishing

Arrogation (Miscorrection)

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B.C. Young
What do you do when a story bounces around inside your head for three or four years? You need to get the story out to people, and the writer needs to tell it. Author B.C. Young had this exact thing happen to him. He was tired of driving back and forth to work everyday, conceiving a story i More...



Arrogation (Book 1 – Story 2) My name is Aaron. Since the attack on Central Market, I have seen a lot of things happen. Among the six planets, the Karhath name became infamous. There are those who have supported their cause. Along with those who support them, there are many who fear the Karhath and wonder if another attack will take place. In my current position, I have taken it upon myself to ensure change will occur. I continually ask myself if my decisions are correct; if they will have the intended effect to bring about the appropriate change. The only way to find out the answer is to do what I feel is best and to be prepared to accept any consequences that come from them, good or bad. — Approximately 11,000 words.