4 Ways for Published Print-Only Authors To Market Their Books on Kindle

If you are published author and your book is still only available in print format you’re probably getting seriously frustrated. You see so many other books in your category being offered as a Kindle book. While your own book is available only in dead-tree format.What can you do to promote your book to the universe of Kindle users?

Here are 4 things that you can do:

1. Setup a Kindle edition of your blog – A Kindle blog is like a regular blog but is auto-delivered to Kindle devices. You can even charge for your blog subscription. This way, some Kindle readers will discover you and may be tempted enough to buy a physical copy of your book.

2. Put up a free manifesto of your book on the Kindle store – While you may not have the rights for your book since you’re a published author, you can create a manifesto of your book and put it up on the Kindle store for free. That way, the ideas inside your book will at least be available for potential readers to discover.

3. Ask your readers and friends to contact the publisher – Below every book that is not available in Kindle format, there is a hyperlink that allows visitors to tell the publisher that they’d like to see the book in Kindle format. Ask as many of your friends as possible to go and click on this link (special request: Please click on the “Tell the Publisher” link for my friend, Chetan’s book so that it becomes available in Kindle format soon.)

4. Make your book-cover Kindle ready – it has to stand out as a thumbnail image, since it’s being sold online. Also, since it is seen in black and white, too many subtle color variations may not help much and may even distort what you are trying to convey with the book-cover. A solid block of text on top of a white background with a small icon is a good choice.

We’re on the look out for other ideas, tips and tricks that can help authors promote their books for Kindle users. If you have any ideas, let us know in the comments section below.

Vikram Narayan is the founder of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies. Follow him on Twitter
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