New Technology to Earn Goodwill From Your Readers

As an author you want to build a relationship with your readers. One way to do this is to give your readers something of value when they visit your web page, Facebook page (or Facebook fan page) or Twitter page. This could be interesting content, an opportunity to participate in a prize giveaway or something similar.

At BookBuzzr, we’ve come up with a new technology called ‘Goodwill Builder.’ The concept works like this: When a visitor comes to your website or blog (or Facebook page), they get to see a message that offers 1,000 free points for use on When the visitor clicks on the message they are taken to Freado where they can register and use those points in bidding for books or for the grand prize (current grand prize is an iPad.)

How valuable is 1,000 points for a book-lover? Quite valuable considering that there are as many as 15 books on Freado that require just 1,000 points to win (and scores of other books that require just a few thousand points.)

This feature is available only for subscribers of BookBuzzr Pro (this is our premium offering wherein you pay a monthly subscription fee) and is not available for users of the free BookBuzzr widget and other free technologies.

If you are a BookBuzzr Pro subscriber, please follow these steps to get your own ‘goodwill builder’:

  1. Login to your BookBuzzr account. This will take you to your BookBuzzr Book Marketing home.
  2. Select the book for which you have a BookBuzzr Pro account.
  3. Click on Goodwill builder
  4. Click on the type of widget that you want (either vertical or horizontal.)
  5. Copy paste the code into your blog or author webpage
  6. If you simply want to share the link on your Twitter feed, Facebook page or email just copy-paste the link and share it.
  7. When a user clicks on the badge or link, they are led to If they register there, they get their 1,000 free Freado points!
  8. As an author, you also get 500 free points everytime somebody that you refer to Freado (using Goodwill Builder) registers on Freado

Vikram Narayan is the founder of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies. Follow him on Twitter
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