How to Make a Podcast

The Easiest Way to Podcast for Non-Techies
Guest Expert: Shelley Hitz

Podcasts are a great way to market your books and podcasts, but how do you get started? In this post, I’m going to share with you how to make a podcast, even if you consider yourself a “non-techie.”

In the past, I have used several different resources to podcast that I’m going to share each resource with you today.

How to Make a Podcast Using WordPress…My First Attempt

I started my first audio podcast to promote my book and website for teen girls. I decided to use a dedicated WordPress blog with the free Blubrry PowerPress plugin. You can see my podcast blog here. This is a great option if you want to build a professional looking podcast with minimal costs.

However, it does take time to set up the blog with an appropriate theme, requires some advanced technical skills and is more time intensive. Unfortunately, I found myself not producing many podcasts because I didn’t have the time. Therefore, I needed to find an easier option. I even considered hiring someone to help me with some of the tasks.

Then, I was introduced to a much easier option…

How to Make a Podcast Using AudioAcrobat

Someone introduced me to AudioAcrobat and I’m so glad they did! Not only does AudioAcrobat host unlimited audio and video files for me, they also provide a “podcasting center” where I can easily set up my podcast feed and integrate it with iTunes.

Check out this video tour of how I set up my podcast with AudioAcrobat and how easy it really is:

I decided to try AudioAcrobat’s free 30-day trial to see if I wanted to pay $19.95/month for their service. And after trying it, I was hooked! Instead of paying someone to help me upload my audio files and publish my podcast, I decided to hire AudioAcrobat instead. :)

I love the option of being able to record my audio by phone. The other day my husband and I were traveling and I was able to record four audio podcasts while riding in the car. Then, when I got home, I added a title and description and scheduled the posts to go live. AudioAcrobat is so easy and helps me be more productive!

Subscribe to my podcast, “Self Publishing Coach” through iTunes here.

How to Make a Podcast Using a Free Podcasting Service

Another service I recommend is Formally known as Cinchcast, this service is also associated with the popular platform However, allows you to record, host and share audio files online for free. Here’s an audio I recently recorded for my page on Cinch.And, yes, really is free.

I do recommend that you download the MP3 file to your computer as a backup after you record an episodeon You can also embed individual audios on your website or blog (see above) or embed a widget (see widget below).

The Easiest Way for Non-Techies to Get Started?

The easiest way to get started is by recording through your phone! If you have a phone, you can get started podcasting today using either AudioAcrobat or

With either service, you can record by phone or through a computer headset. Whenever possible, I do recommend recording your audios through a computer headset. This way you will record a higher quality audio file. I use a Plantronics headset which cost me between $30-40. It works well for me and gets the job done. However, I plan to eventually upgrade to a higher quality microphone like the Blue Yeti USB Microphone.

However, even if you don’t yet have a headset or need to record on the go, use your phone for the easiest way to get started podcasting.

Get Started Today!

I encourage you to consider adding podcasting to your book marketing strategies to connect with your audience and allow them to get to know, like and trust you.

I’ve recorded video tutorials on how to get started podcasting using the WordPress Bluberry plugin, AudioAcrobat and that takes you step by step through the process. I’ve also included royalty free music and a report to help you get started podcasting or to take your current podcast to the next level. Find out more here:

Shelley Hitz is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. Her website, Self Publishing Coach, provides resources and tutorials that help you publish and market your book. Discover 200+ free book marketing and author tools when you grab a copy of Shelley Hitz’s free report, where she gives you the website for each tool as well as a brief summary. It’s yours free when you sign up for her newsletter and will literally save you hours of research time as well as money.

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