Making Writing an Every-Day Practice: Why Is This a Really Great Idea?

When you tell somebody that your job or hobby is writing, people start thinking that there is something really special and even mystical about this. Sometimes, they even drag you into embarrassing conversations with all that questions: Do you even make money? What do you do when you have a lack of inspiration? Can you write about me? Can I read your texts? However, we all know that writing is just writing.

In fact, the perception of writing, blogging, journalism, copywriting and other sorts of this activity as if it is some kind of an elusive profession can be annoying. In most cases, you produce content per order, ghostwrite for someone, perform editing job and all the other routine. Even if you compose poems and novels it is still your everyday activity and a part of your life rather than something mysterious.

If writing is a career or a hobby you really love, then you must be aware that it is all about hard work and passion, not magical practices. Today we are going to talk about writing from within. We will present some professional advice and discuss why is it so important to do it every single day and continue to develop.

Write if you want it and cannot live without it

People start pursuing a writing career because they want to associate themselves with everything connected with such activity. If you are a writer, then you probably live an awesome life, have a creative job of your dream, and a high level of intellect. That’s okay. At the same time, writing doesn’t make you a person of that kind automatically. In addition, there are many smart and amazing people who do something else. Sometimes, they are even luckier and happier since they don’t have to pressure themselves to turn their hobby into a job.

If you cannot live without writing, just write. If you don’t feel like devoting hours to this and don’t really like the process, then you should admit that you are not in love with writing. Chances are that you are in love with your idealized perception of yourself as someone who writes. Your fantasies are not worth sacrificing your time and happiness.

You will forget it later, so write it now

It’s common for professional writers to come up with ideas during a day. Sometimes, it comes to your mind when you are taking a walk in a park, watching TV, or just laying on your sofa. When an idea or a phrase comes to your mind, make a note at once. You will never remember it later, guaranteed. We bet that you already have 10/10 rating of forgotten “best ideas in your life”. Even if you think that it is ridiculous or that it is so awesome that you just cannot forget it – don’t rely on this. Ever.

Write in your cellphone, notebook, Google docs or even SMS. Do it at once and edit it later. Make sure that there is as little time as possible between the second when an idea emerges and your hand writes it down.

Life is unfair

Yes, lots of mediocre, stupid, and bungling writers will be more successful than you are. They will earn more and people will love them. Remember Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grade? They sell millions of books even now. The secret of their success is simple: they write about something that everyone wants to read (whether consciously or not). Do you want a communication with the audience of that kind? Guess, not. Just try to feel happy for them and go your own way.

Don’t try to be William Shakespeare

Really, you don’t have to. Similarly, you don’t have to be Hemingway, Virginia Wolf, or any other writer you love. It is easy to see when you are trying to be someone you are not. If you pretend to be deeper than you are, get ready to look ridiculously. People feel it when you are trying to show off. Write in your own voice. It’s because you don’t have any other.

If you are good at creating something funny and entertaining but not very good in heavy, complicated, and super-deep texts, that’s not a reason to press on yourself. People assume that if you are a writer, then you have to be this or that, but who cares? When you find the creative process amusing and write a funny joke for thousands of people to laugh – that’s still writing. It doesn’t mean that art or creativeness should always be serious. It can be entertaining. By the way, people like when you entertain them.

Attention is something of a rare occurrence

Today, we live in a world where everyone can publish anything online. We have millions of databases with content and most of it comes for free. People want to get attention in social networks and post everything they can just to receive it. When you get attention from the audience, it is not always because you have produced something really valuable or great. You need to know why they have stopped scrolling when they saw your text. Or why do they Google your name. When you realize how your texts influence the audience, you will be more aware of what to do next and how to develop your strong sides.

When you are a writer, attention is everything to you. Attention is the only resource that can bring you money. You get attention – you get paid. The more you get it, the more money you will receive.

To sum up, we have to admit that making money as a writer is not that easy, especially when you write fiction. Think about your favorite authors. Are they millionaires? Guess, not. No, no, this is a motivational article, so we mean that if you want to be a writer, then you need to be sober and understand all the realities and challenges of the industry. We bet that with this advice at hand, you will make an easier way to the career of your dreams. So work hard, be conscious, and keep writing!

About the author:

Jennifer Pauli graduated from Corvinus School of Management and finished the faculty of Journalism at Corvinus University of Budapest. Currently, He is an editor, business writer, and copywriter, working with different well-known companies, blogs, and personalities. Follow her on Twitter, G+ and read the personal blog

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