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Welcome to this tour of QuickQuiz – the world’s first viral book marketing technology for authors.

As an author, you probably realize the importance of reaching out to your readers on Facebook. As you know, most Facebook users are looking for fun and relaxation unlike average blog visitors. These users have very short attention spans and don’t want to spend time reading lengthy blog posts. Most authors create a Facebook fan page and assume that this is more than enough. The reality is that once a reader visits your fan page, there is very little reason for the reader to like your page. Even if the reader likes your page, there isn’t enough incentive for the reader to return to your page on a regular basis.

As an author, here’s what you need:

  • New readers for your books
  • A new way to engage with your Facebook audience
  • A low cost advertising method for your books

And you need all of this without you having to spend hours of your time marketing your book.

At BookBuzzr, we’ve thought long and hard about this problem.
After months of brainstorming, development and testing, we’ve created QuickQuiz – the world’s first viral marketing technology for books.

What does this viral marketing technology do?

QuickQuiz allows you to rapidly create and deliver short, interesting quizzes that are fun for your readers on Facebook. These quizzes can also be embedded on your blog or website. They can also be found on – a site owned by BookBuzzr and visited by tens of thousands of visitors every month.

Each QuickQuiz consists of only 5 questions. When a reader participates in a QuickQuiz, he or she earns points that can be used to win prizes on

Most importantly, the viral features of QuickQuiz make sharing of your QuickQuiz really easy and compelling for your readers.

So what’s the secret ingredient that makes QuickQuiz such an important book promotion method for your book?

The secret ingredient involves the idea of attention transfer which is best illustrated by an example. Let’s say, you want to promote a vampire romance book. You create a QuickQuiz on the best selling Stephanie Meyer book – Twilight. A fan of this book decides to take your QuickQuiz on the book. The fan discovers your book in the course of playing the QuickQuiz since information about your book shows up at strategic points in the quiz. You’ve just found a potential new reader for your very own book!

Let’s take a quick look at what the reader sees when he or she plays a QuickQuiz.

  • On the right hand side, you see a reverse timer which gives the reader 30 seconds to complete each question.
  • Below that you will notice the 3 Quiz-Keys. These are clues and tools that assist the reader in completing the QuickQuiz.
  • And below that you will see the points tree which shows the points earned for each question.

You will notice that we’ve taken elements from popular television game shows to make the QuickQuiz interesting for your readers. Your book’s messages show up at over 10 strategic points in the game. Through extensive play testing, we’ve ensured that your message shows up without interfering with the Quiz experience of your reader. If you’ve created a quiz that’s correctly targetted, it’s likely that the reader will click through on your ad.

Every time the reader utilizes one of the Quiz-Keys, the reader will be asked to “Like” the QuickQuiz on Facebook. If the reader finds your QuickQuiz interesting, the chances of the reader liking your QuickQuiz are very high. This will expose your QuickQuiz and your book to the reader’s facebook friends. On completing the QuickQuiz, the reader will also be urged to share the quiz on his or her facebook wall. The reader is likely to share the quiz on Facebook, if the quiz has been entertaining or informative.

QuickQuiz is a powerful and innovative method to get the word about your book out there. Extensive analytics and reporting make it easy for you to find out which of your QuickQuizzes are working and which of them need to be tweaked to improve the user experience.

QuickQuiz is an easy, fun, new technology to market your book in a viral manner on Facebook.

To get started use these three simple steps:

Step 1 – Log on to your BookBuzzr ‘Book Marketing Home‘ page
Step 2 – Click on QuickQuiz
Step 3 – Add your questions and publish your QuickQuiz

For more information, email us or follow us on Twitter

Thank you and happy book marketing.

Vikram Narayan is the founder of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies. Follow him on Twitter
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