What is BookBuzzr?

We recently received an email from an author asking “What is BookBuzzr?”

As some of you, who have been following us know, we’ve grown from just one product (the BookBuzzr Widget) to several different technologies. The one thing that is common among all of our products and technologies is that they are all focused on helping authors market and promote their books using technology. So here is our current answer to anybody wanting to learn more about BookBuzzr:

We are the world’s leading provider of book-marketing technologies for authors with over 8,750 registered authors (as on Dec 17th 2012). We help authors market their books online through a variety of methods. These include:

1. BookBuzzr Games – This technology helps authors promote their books to book lovers in an innovative, patent-pending method on our Freado.com website.  This technology costs authors $12.99 per month. In return author’s book cover automatically shows up in the following places:

i) The CoverMatcher game (which gets readers to memorize your book cover!)
ii) On Freado.com where readers can either “Facebook Like” your book or click your book’s buy link
iii) On the BookBuzzr blog where readers can either FB Like your book or click your book’s buy link
iv) In Hangman games
v) In QuickQuizzes.

Also, authors can decide to simply give away their book on Freado.com as a free gift. They get exposure from our book-lover players playing the game on the site and bidding for books.

2. BookBuzzr Widget and Other Free Technologies –  Authors simply have to sign-up on the www.bookbuzzr.com site, upload their book-extract and other information and they get a beautiful widget with flipping pages. The widget can be placed on the author’s website, Facebook page, MySpace page etc. A reader can explore information about the author and book from within the widget itself without leaving the page. On clicking “Full Screen”, the reader gets to see a sample preview of the book in an engaging flip-book format. The technology also allows Twitter integration so that authors can engage with their audience in a semi-automated manner. There is also an email signature creator which creates a flipping book image of the authors book which looks like the one below:

You can learn more at www.bookbuzzr.com

Vikram Narayan is the founder of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies. Follow him on Twitter
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