Reality Check: Sometimes One Dose Isn't Enough

Reality Check: Sometimes One Dose Isn't Enough

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Ericka Simpson
I am a self-published author who enjoys the daily pleasures in life.



Suzanne Tucker only wanted what every woman wants; to be a happily married wife and mother but her dreams of that shattered when she found out she was unable to bear children. Her husband, though supportive at the time, quickly found comfort in the arms of another woman. With an unfulfilling job and her marriage falling apart, Suzanne's attempt at starting a new life becomes a roller coaster she purposefully rides without any emergency brakes. She uses her position as a journalist to start an anonymous blog to report the real news...or is it? When the credibility of her postings are called into question, the only thing that is a sure thing is this roller coaster ride will end in a horrible crash and salvaging her reputation becomes insignificant in comparison to the lives that may be destroyed along the way.