The Seventh Deception: A Novel of the Nazi Atomic Bomb

General Fiction

By G Dedrick Robinson

Publisher : Salvo Press

ABOUT G Dedrick Robinson

G Dedrick Robinson
Like James Cagney, I'm a real Yankee Doodle Dandy, born in Kingsport, Tennessee on the Fourth of July. Every year since, I've enjoyed the fireworks displays all over the United States that take place on my birthday. As the picture shows, my major pursuit in life More...



In the early years of WWII, the race is on for nature's most powerful secret. Under the leadership of Nobel Laureate Warner Heisenberg, the Nazis are out in front. Only Berlin physicist and double agent Anton Breker stands between them and world domination. His only hope is to slow Heisenberg's research by steering him down blind alleys. He has to walk a fine line as he works to subvert Nazi progress by day, while by night, making love to Teresia Duisberg, the dangerously attractive but bored wife of Klaus, his close friend and fellow anti-Nazi. Events thunder toward a climax in June 1942. Clara Fischer, Breker's most recently spurned lover who is out for her own revenge, has revealed to Klaus his friend's betrayal. Breker, not knowing that both are plotting his ruin, is shocked to learn that Heisenberg has stumbled onto the most dangerous secret of the war. The outcome of war depends on Breker finding a way to keep him to revealing it to the Nazi hierarchy. 

If the first V-2 guided missile that exploded over London on September 8, 1944 had carried an atomic warhead instead of a conventional explosive, a million people might have died instead of three. Historians are still debating about why the Nazi program failed even though they had competent physicists, government support and the early lead in nuclear energy. Asked why he chose to write about the Nazi bomb, author G Dedrick Robinson said, “The Nazis are known for developing miracle weapons. Yet their atomic bomb program, the one weapon that could have won the war for them, completely fizzled. After extensive research trying to understand why, I thought the story had all the makings for an exciting novel.” Scheduled for a July 1 release by Salvo Press, The Seventh Deception is the first novel to directly explore the German atomic bomb project. Dr. Robinson builds the plot around a provocative new theory explaining why Hitler's nuclear program met with far less success than the programs that put jet aircraft and rockets in the sky well before anyone else. Under the leadership of Nobel Laureate Warner Heisenberg, the Nazis take the early lead in nuclear research. Berlin physicist and British agent Anton Breker, realizes that he must try to slow their progress by steering Heisenberg down blind alleys. He has to walk a fine line as he works to subvert Nazi research by day, while at night, making love to his best friend's wife. After Heisenberg discovers the most dangerous nuclear secret of the war, Breker faces his greatest challenge, keeping him from revealing it to the Nazi hierarchy.