Faith Unfolds the Rose

ABOUT Peggy Russell Headings

Peggy Russell Headings
Peggy Ann Headings is the author of Christian fiction and several books for children.
She is married to, Joseph Headings, and they have five wonderful children.  The author
loves to read, write and paint, but most of all she loves to attend worship at an
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After losing her siblings in a tragic accident and then left by the man she thought loved her, Annie May Foster, thinks there will never be happiness in her life again. She feels that God has abandoned her and she has nowhere to turn.  Annie questions her faith and her future. She doesn’t know if she will ever be able to trust or love anyone again. Determined to take her life in her own hands, she moves from the only home she has ever known. She is searching for love and happiness, but first she needs to reevaluate her relationship with God. 

Anyone can make it thru trials in their life with God's help. You may not know what your future holds, but God does! Thru broken relationships God can turn your life into something beautiful, in your future! Annie didn't know if there was anything to salvage in her life. It seemed her life was shattered in a million pieces but everything changed for her, and it can for you!

This review is from: Faith unfolds the Rose (Kindle Edition)
You will want to get a copy of this book. If you have ever doubted God's love for you, this book will give you some answers. The story finding love is also the story of finding God. This is for every Christian women who has had tragedies in their lives that they thought they could not overcome. The book has been revised since the first reviewers and I hope you will all get a copy and send a copy to any women you know who are searching for answers.