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Blanca Beyar
Blanca Beyar wears an array of hats in the holistic and spiritual arena that assist in her mission to deliver inspiration and empowerment to others. She is the author of eight self-help books, an Empath, light-worker, medium, and guru. She maintained a private holistic practice for over fi More...



A powerful, thought-provoking and loving message, The Goddess Mother is speaking to us in a way she has never done so before! The Omega aspect of the GodHead shares with us vital information about the changing times we are living in, the future creation, the Children of the Light, Sacred Relationships and so much more. This is a must read for all Awakened Beings.

Thank you for not only bringing these divine truths to light, but giving the tools to change what doesnt work. This book is one that you will reread. Thank you to a great author and beacon of light!
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In reading Goddess Mother Speaks I am called to go beyond just knowing recognition and dive deeply into the feeling of being embraced by the Omega force. Words and sentences have jumped from the pages as if being spoken directly to me. I have felt activations upon reading the messages from the Mother Goddess as channeled through the author.

Deeply moving and necessary insights to help us gain back the balance we so desperately need in todays society. This book speaks to the soul, awakens the Spirit and takes us into the Mothers womb. I find myself, typically a speed reader, taking my time and re-reading passages before moving forward. I know that this a book I will go back to over and over to refer to in times of need.

A proud addition to my home library and a Blessing of beautiful correspondence from the Mother Goddess.

My deepest gratitude to the author, Blanca Beyar for being such a Divine vessel for Spirit to speak through and so deeply touch my heart.

Keri Mullen
Staten Island, NY