The Collar: A Musical

General Fiction

By Frank Seitz

Publisher : Christopher Matthews Publishing

ABOUT Frank Seitz

Frank Seitz
Dr. Frank Seitz, a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist for 36 years and former Catholic Seminarian, has written two dozen professional articles and three books about the challenges within the human psyche. Once featured on "60 Minutes", he has evaluated and counseled numerous cler More...


Based on the novel by the same name, The Collar: A Musical submerges you into the passions of a collared man in love. Father Christopher Joyce, a Catholic priest, struggles with his relationship with the two women in his life: Angela and Holy Mother Church. The lilting and magical score of master composer, Eric Funk adds drama and pathos to this play that deals with Father Christopher's dilemma. Includes full musical scores of each song.

As you are reading this, a storm of controversy swirls around the Catholic clergy, whose numbers include both saints and sinners. What guides the hands that can consecrate the Body of Christ and then defile the bodies of children? The paradoxes of the clergy -- puzzles that include flawed love and intimacy gone to Hell. Where does God walk in such a crowd? The Bible and catechism speak clearly about the black and white, but what about the gray? Where is God in the gray?

"I hadn't intended to read "The Collar" on one spot, but once I started, that was it -- the writing beautiful, the characters coming alive on every page."
"Eric Funk is a composer, conductor, and musician of world renown who sets no boundaries on his musical talents and interests. . . Eric is a local and national treasurer."
"Frank Seitz is a talented fictionist, someone who truly understands the dictates of the heart and knows how to say it. Bravo!"