Nice Girls on Top: Compassionate and Highly Effective Leadership for Women

ABOUT Patricia Forrester

Patricia Forrester
I am an author, speaker and consultant. My newly released book NICE GIRLS ON TOP is about compassionate leadership for women. It proves that women are more successful when they follow their nurturing instincts rather than emulate cut-throat men.

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NICE GIRLS ON TOP is the ultimate guide on "how to be a nice boss without being a pushover." Written for women, but men can learn too how to be strong and compassionate leaders. Patricia Forrester interviews five dynamic successful women and shows us how they use compassion and collaboration to lead their teams to triumph each and every day.

Get the benefit of years of experience from these amazing women in this easy to read, fast-paced guide as you learn how to use compassion to:

  • Inspire and empower employees to excel to their optimum level
  • Keep yourself and others cool under pressure
  • Chose the best people and build a winning team
  • Lead and win over an existing staff
  • Be in control without being a micromanager
  • Delegate with grace and style
  • Deal with poor job performance
  • Deal with fears that hinder your leadership style
  • Be nice without being a pushover
  • Use your natural gifts as a woman to lead

This book is a must read for the new leader or those who want to refresh their skills and be the most effective leader possible!

"As a practicing Buddhist, I believe that having compassion for one another on a daily basis is essential for living a dignified life. Daily life includes the workplace. It is up to the leader to set the tone. A workplace where people are inspired, mentored and treated with kindness will always succeed. Patricia Forrester's book, Nice Girls on Top, demonstrates that beautifully. Yes, it's target audience is women, but men, too, can be inspired and learn the important lessons offered in this important and ground-breaking book." --  Herbie Hancock, Award-winning Musician and Composer

"In her new book, Nice Girls on Top, TV writer Patricia Forrester conquers an issue female executives struggle with every day - how to be a nice boss without being a pushover.  It's a fine line, and Forrester teaches us to balance gracefully and effectively."  -- Alexandra Levit, Author of New Job, New You: A Guide to Reinventing Yourself in a Bright New Career

"The first step to getting what you want out of work is being who you want at work. Patricia Forrester's book shows us that our natural proclivity to kindness is an advantage in corporate life." - Penelope Trunk, author of Brazeen Careerist