Vindico: I Am Liberation

ABOUT Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson
My name is Alex Johnson. I am twenty one years old and I live in North Dakota



Vindico grew up knowing that he was a special god, who somehow has the power to give an afterlife to gods, immortals, and titans, even though he does not know how. Yet on the horizon, war is coming, and he must help the gods and immortals achieve an afterlife while the titans fight against it in hopes of keeping humanity in their control. Vindico refuses to be a pawn and is determined to go his own way. The god Apollo puts a halt to such notions, telling Vindico that he must accept his fate. Along with his new friends—Logan, a kindhearted mortal, and Zirk, a former human turned immortal—Vindico prepares for the coming battle.The war that every religion and every culture has predicted begins, and the ancient mythological figures use Earth as their battleground. Vindico must prepare to meet his destiny, even if it means all of humanity will be lost ...A unique blend of fantasy and reality, Vindico brings the world of the gods to brilliant life and offers a new hero for the ages.