ABOUT Jean Houghton-Beatty

Jean Houghton-Beatty
I was born in Liverpool, England but have lived for many years in the US with my American husband.
My publisher is Boson Books. My first book, Different Drummers, has just been reprinted by Boson as an ebook. My second book, Stoney Beck, in available at Amazon in paperback and also a More...


When Jenny Robinson's father dies of Huntington's disease, she tells her mother she will never marry out of fear she might have inherited the disease. Jenny's mother, filled with grief over her husband's derath and guilt over secrets she never told her daughter, dies from an overdose. She leaves an unfinished note along with a snapshot of Jenny's biological father, a man she met in England's Lake District - a secret which Jenny nor anyone in her family knew about. Jenny is led irresistibly from Charlotte, North Carolina to Stoney Beck, a village in Northwest England. 
Jenny rents a cottage on the grounds of the Hare and Hounds Inn, the same cottage her mother occupied when Jenny was conceived.  On her first day  in the village, Jenny meets the very strange Biddy Biggerstaff who threatens to drive her away, saying she knows who Jenny is, why she has come, and has even seen her photograph. 
Unforeseen connections leading to mortal danger - and romance - await Jenny in the quiet village of Stoney Beck.