Peace Tweets

Health, Mind & Body

By Bobbi Benson

Publisher : Peace Together

ABOUT Bobbi Benson

Bobbi Benson


When you are in need of quick inspiration, Peace Tweets is the book to grab. Each page will provide you with powerful thoughts and ideas about how to cultivate peace in your life — all in 140 characters or less. Tweets on peace. This collaborative effort, assembled by Bobbi Benson and Joseph Bernard, partners in Peace Together, bring together peacemakers that apply these ideas into their daily lives. Approaching your life in a peaceful way is a work-in-progress with each day bringing new awareness and new opportunities. We hope that Peace Tweets can help you along that path by providing you with daily inspiration.

Having a passion for peace and social initiatives was the driving force for becoming an author. Providing access to quick, pithy-pieces-of-advise taken from the cultural movement of tweeting, helped create Peace Tweets. It is an avenue to contribute to my passion, and support a different way in which people communicate. I also like collaborating with others. Their wisdom, experience and knowledge adds depth to any project. I continue to explore more ways to create change through writing. More books will continue to come out of that exploration.