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ABOUT Janet Fouts

Janet Fouts
I founded this business to help people understand this thing called social media and how to work with it instead of against it. I call myself a  “social media coach” because I coach you through the early steps of getting to know the tools and the playing field, and then to excel at  More...



In #SOCIAL MEDIA PR tweet Janet Fouts shows you how. Social media, as she explains lucidly, is not about one-way broadcasting but about two-way communication.  Sure, your company's PR messaging needs to go out but after that you also need to engage your audience, assimilate feedback and close the loop.  In other words, social media is all about dialog.

With her expertise in social media coaching, Janet understands that while many of us are individually passionate about social media, the corporations or enterprises we belong to don't necessarily share our passion or knowledge. Also, companies are tired of being sold on social media concepts; they want actionable information. Which is why Janet wrote this book in the actionable, accessible and increasingly-popular tweet format. Delivered in 140 characters or less, Janet's tweets demonstrate the value that can be communicated in small packages. For example, she knows that it's very likely within a corporate environment to be sold on a particular social platform or toolset. Which is why she cautions: Stay platform agnostic. Strategy isn’t about the tools.