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Jackie Chanel
I live life by one simple quote..."When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw Them Back and Scream, "Limes, Motherf&%$er, I Want Limes!"
It's this rebellious attitude that started me on the path of writing fiction novels.  I write because it allows me to escape the routine  More...



Millions of adoring fans...loving and devoted parents...fantastic friends...the world belongs to Asia Pierce, at least she thinks so.
There is only one thing that eludes the girl who has it all...unconditional and everlasting love.  Asia wants what every woman wants, the fairytale. And Asia always gets what she wants.
With three men vying for her heart, Asia has a decision to make.  Who can she trust?  Which one will love her the most?  The answer is right in front of her.  But will years of bad judgement and one bad romance cloud her judgement?  Will one more bad decision make her miss out on the best thing that has ever happened to her?
Change of Heart will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride as Asia's career and love life spiral out of control until she makes the decision that will change her life forever.

Change of Heart is about my two favorite subjects...basketball and friendship. I've always been the type of girl who had more guy friends than girlfriends and it's the dynamic between males and females who are friends only is so interesting that I had to write about it.

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