The Adventures of a Teenage Time Traveller

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Humor

By Alex Shaw

Publisher : Hetman Publishing

ABOUT Alex Shaw

Alex Shaw
My debut novel 'Hetman' gained critical acclaim in the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) and has been a #1 Kindle Bestseller. The second Aidan Snow thriller, COLD BLACK, is now available.


Morris Kemp thought he was a ‘normal’ schoolboy...

Whilst on his ‘boring’ work experience as a Double Glazing Salesmen Morris and his mentor, Huxley Scragge, are given magic beans by a customer as a form of payment.  The beans are actually time travel pods and Morris is suddenly thrown back in time to the Shakespearian age where he must find a way to help ‘Willamina’ Shakespeare complete her latest play before returning once more to the twenty first century. However things go wrong and he becomes trapped in time…..

In addition to Willamina Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I, Morris encounters the President of Europe (in the 2650), Alien Security Guards, an Assassin/Hairdresser and the entire Royal Family of Atlantis.

 “The Shakespeare stuff is all about Double Glazing,

‘Content your pains’, see? Act two, scene one.”