Leonardo: Masterpieces in Milan

General Fiction, Young Adult, History

By Catherine Jaime

Publisher : Creative Learning Connection

ABOUT Catherine Jaime

Catherine Jaime
Homeschool Mom of 12, Teacher, Historian, and Author.  



Leonardo: Masterpieces in Milan is a family-friendly novel of Leonardo da Vinci's many, productive years in Milan. Follow Leonardo as he works for the Duke of Milan, paints the Last Supper, studies architecture, and much more! This book picks up where Leonardo the Florentine left off, but they can be read in any order!  

A good read for families or for individuals who want to learn more about the master!

The more I've learned about da Vinci, the more I've wanted to learn. I had no sooner finished writing Leonardo the Florentine, than I wanted to continue his story into the next major period of his life. Stay tuned for Leonardo's Travel Years!