On the Ledge of Life

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Steve Tate
I am an author, an artist and a student of life.



Think about the paths that each one of are on, so many different stories. But when you really look at each other under the same light, we are not that much different.  Yes our stories vary and the roads we travel down take different turns, but our wants, needs and desires are very similar. We want to love and be loved, we want to feel at peace, and we want to have a greater since of purpose. No body really wants to struggle or have drama in their lives; nobody really wants to have hurts and pain. Yet one of the commonalties we have is that we do very little to have what we truly want and make changes, we do very little to become our highest selves.

I didn’t write this book to sell millions of copies,  not that somewhere in the back of my mind I hoped that it would be successful……just being honest.  I did write the book so that maybe just one person might read it and be touched in some way. You see if I had my wish we would all be completely filled with joy and happiness. I hate to see people hurt and struggle. I have spent most of my life asking why we do, and I think that is why God finally said “here write this book and you will understand why and maybe some of the readers will as well”

This story came to me one night as I laid awake in bed praying. I used to be a severe insomniac and would lie in bed all night just thinking and contemplating life.  Over the next few years I started questioning my life and all the struggles, drama, and lack of peace but continuing going down the same path, over and over.  I would put all of my thoughts down on paper and when I had time try to make since of them.

It was not until I actually started writing the book that my life started changing.  At the time I was a Regional Vice President for a fortune five hundred company and my life was absolutely crazy. I had just gotten married for the second time and my whole life was a job and a life style. I was stressed out and anxiety ridden.

I had many patterns that I just could not brake that kept a prisoner of my own making. From the outside my life looked fantastic, inside I was being eaten alive.  I had money, success and everything that most people dreamed of. But day after day I struggled to make since of the life I had created.

Long story short I ended up in the fetal position in a hotel room a long way from home. After making my way home my doctor told me that if I didn’t make some serious changes I would be dead in a year…ouch.  So long with a feeling that there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing, I left a storied career, which most people said  was crazy, and set out to understand this life we live and find out the truth.

Well all that sounds simple but it wasn’t. Leaving a seventeen year life style comes with a whole other set of issues,  I’m not even going to attempt to go into all those, just trust me when I say the struggle continued. Another divorce, more drama, more hurt, and things I didn’t even know you could go through.

As I said, when I started writing the book my life started to change, very slowly at first but more and more as I put the thoughts on paper and contemplated each one.  I found myself on my knees many, many times. I found my self reaching, digging deep inside.  I spent a whole lot of time by myself knowing that I had an opportunity, I could either continue on just making the same mistakes and living with out choice or I could look at this period of time to change my life. I had already squandered too many opportunities in my life and I was committed to not doing the same again.

So here you have this book. It’s a God  story, a love affair and a man in search for the truth of life.. It’s not a book about the disease the character has. The disease could be one of a thousand things we have in our lives that are challenging us. But for what ever reason it’s the story that was revealed to me and  was told to write.

Yes you might ask, writing this book has changed my life and if that’s all that ever comes from it than it served a greater purpose. I no longer suffer from all the madness I used to. Life as it pertains to the way I live it, does make much more since to me, and I know what is important, my soul and my spirit. I have peace in my life now, and I see that possibilities of becoming my highest self.

My hopes and prayers are, for those of you that read this story you will start to ask your self some of the same questions I did.  What is the truth about my life and how do I correct it before it’s too late.

I love each of you, I know that statement is hard to understand but it is how I feel.  I know your struggles and your hurts and your dramas.  I know the things that consume your thoughts. There is very little that you have gone through or going through, that I have not experienced. But know this, you can let go of the past, you can start over. You can make changes that will change your life and the lives of others, and you can live an incredible, magical abundant life.


One more last thought before you move on. This just came to me, honestly it did and I’m not sure what since it makes but I just write what comes to me.


What are you waiting for?

Free your mind of doubt, fear and disbelief.

Know what you know is the real truth, that those feelings above are not real. They are illusions created by sensory memories that you have stored and now use as a reference to calculate and justify your existence in what you think is reality.

The only truth is what you have determined is the truth. This can be changed anytime and anywhere. Your mind is an accumulation of thoughts to serve you only as a protective mechanism. Its operation is to keep you from making decisions that might cease your life. Your mind is programmed with this so that you won’t jump off a cliff believing you can fly. But can you?

Nothing exists unless you decide, believe it does. Not fear, not stress, not anxiety and not hurt. Don’t rely on your self preserving mind to make those decisions, or you will continue to live with in the context of those limitations.

Your mind is not hiding the truth, it does not know how to. It is only you living in your mind.  Escape your mind and you will see the possibilities that are unimaginable and without limitations.  Separate yourself from your mind to see the truth….. and who you really are.





Successful corporate executive, gifted artist, and poet Stevie Tate demonstrates that his immense creative talent also extends to writing books in On the Ledge of Life. At first glance, it appears to be a book about a man struggling with a terminal illness and his mortality; however, you quickly realize that it%u2019s a very moving story about love, spirituality, and the full circle of life. Through the main character%u2019s journey of discovery, the book addresses the impact of our choices on our happiness, our health, and the people around us. Readers will be hooked from the start and treated to a story that evokes every emotion, captures the imagination, and most importantly touches the heart and inspires them to live a better life.

One the Ledge of Life will be meaningful to people from all walks of life, young or old. However, it is a must-read for individuals struggling with balance in their lives or a perfect gift for them from the people who love them. It%u2019s also a great resource book for life and executive coaches looking for an excellent client tool to spark important conversations on work/life balance issues. With strong messages woven into a story format, it provides a strong catalyst for action by encouraging clients to reflect on their own choices and take steps to a more positive and fulfilling future before its too late.

Tricia McCreary, CPC, Professional Coach, Thrive NOW Solutions 



On the Ledge of Life is an inspiring, heartfelt story of a man who, through the reality of death, comes to the realization of life. Allen, the main character, who is faced with his own mortality, goes on a long, treacherous journey in search for his truth and purpose, and he finds it in the place where it has always been and always will be%u2014within himself. The author and story invite us to go on an exploration within ourselves and examine our own life and truths, for nothing invigorates life like the reality of death. On the Ledge of Life teaches us all how to truly live.
Dr. Noah Daniel


Stevie Tate does a sensational job of sharing with the reader his lifelong commitment to personal growth and spiritual development through a wonderfully written and touching story that opens the reader%u2019s heart and mind while seamlessly making the sometimes difficult or uncomfortable subject matter intimately personal, easy, and enjoyable to read. On the Ledge of Life is certain to become a classic read, as it will continue to touch generation after generation with its insights, love, and honesty about a life worth living.%u201D

Grant Moyer, President, Momentum Fitness Solutions

Stevie Tate writes a disarming tale in a folksy sort of way yet is exceptionally sophisticated in his thinking process. A fascinating culmination of a man%u2019s mind, spirit, heart, and life experiences. 

Full of poignant wisdom, this book needs to be on every nightstand in every language so that it can at least be seen if not read every day as a reminder of the quality of life and great happiness we are all capable of having. It is the ultimate, pure platinum self-help book of the world we now live in for all who need encouragement and change in their lives.

This book is full of prayers to be prayed daily, thoughts to carry with you daily. This book exemplifies purity, intelligence, and incredible human insight! His absolute candor and honesty will captivate you.%u201D 

Bernadette Fiaschetti, Co-founder Pizza Patron, Co-founder Wing Stop restaurants, Philanthropist