The Dream

Humor, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Maria Savva

Publisher : Rose And Freedom Books

ABOUT Maria Savva

Maria Savva
I am a writer, based in London, UK.  Published novels: 'Second Chances' , 'A Time to Tell',  'Coincidences', 'The Dream', 'Haunted'. Short story collections: 'Pieces of a Rainbow', 'Love and Loyalty (and Other Tales)' , 'Fusion', 'Delusion and Dreams'.



Prologue and Chapter 1 of my paranormal, time slip novel, The Dream

The Dream is a fantasy/paranormal, time slip story; it's also a mystery, romance, thriller, and drama. Here's the blurb: Lynne cannot shake her feelings of dread; her dreams tell her she is making a terrible mistake, she must not marry Adam. But, how can she believe the dream? Lynne and Adam have shared their lives for three years now. She is certain she loves him. It is not that love, which her dream warns against. It doesn't matter that she loves this man she will soon marry. If she marries him, the voice in her dream says her soul mate will die. Her true love will perish. Soon, Lynne's world is transformed and becomes almost unrecognisable, except for the déjà vu. Time doesn't seem to mean much anymore, and things are not quite as they seem. As her world spins out of control, Lynne must sort out what's real and what isn't to fulfill her destiny.

Review by BookAddict (Vine Voice)

If you could go back in time and change one thing, how many other aspects of your life and other people's lives would be altered because of that one change? This is just one of the issues that Maria Savva takes on in The Dream. This book really made me stop and think about fate and destiny and all those little signs along life's path that, if we choose to take notice, lead us in one direction or another.

This book is romance and mystery with a little paranormal twist. Lynne's character is one that many of us can relate to. The people she crosses paths with made me laugh and made me furious. This is a fun read with that feel good touch that I've come to expect when I read anything by this author.

Review by mystery writer Stacy Juba, Author Twenty-Five Years
Ago Today

This was a page-turner! Lynne was a compelling, well-drawn character in a situation that many people have faced - do you keep looking for that one special true love, or settle for good enough? Mixed in with this story of relationships and finding your life path is an unusual twist. Lynne is haunted by a dream and strong intuition that she may be with the wrong man. Is it normal wedding jitters, has she turned psychic, or is she being guided from beyond? I read this book in two days, every time I could get my hands on it, as I wanted to know where it was going. If you enjoy contemporary fiction with a splash of romance and the mysterious, then you'll be riveted to this book.