Watch Your Back!

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By Blue Quill Books

Publisher : Blue Quill Books

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Revenge is a two edged sword.

Hamish McKinnon is a decent, law abiding man until his sister, Heather, is drugged and raped by a sexual predator. As the siblings seek out and get their own back on the perpetrator, their crusade begins to take its toll on Hamish, who is soon overwhelmed and in danger of losing himself. How much can he take before he cracks under the strain and if he does, how will Heather get her due retribution?

*Caution - adult content and some strong language*


Revenge is a two edged sword, it can have grievous effects, not only on those on the receiving end of it but also on those meting out the punishment. How far can one man go to get justice for his sister before it begins to destroy him?