A Different Life: Three Lane Highway

A Different Life: Three Lane Highway

ABOUT Kristal McKerrington

Kristal McKerrington

I'm a twenty two year old writer from Scotland, who believes in breaking new ground and making a huge difference to people's lives through the art of word.

I'm now a 16 time published Author with XoXo Publishing. My work consists of the following works. You can buy them on More...



'All Layla's life she has been fighting for what she believes in and just after leaving collage she sees the Wrestlers she grew up idealising, career's in trouble.  In a huge effort she blows the Wrestling world apart by leaking their secrets in hope to burst in to save their careers, but that isn't what she does. 

Under a whole lot of new pressure Will, Edward and Shane get angry at this young twenty year old author who is making their world harder then it all ready is.  They want to know who the author is that has decided to threaten the world that they had a hand in building, yet they only know what that the rest of the general public knows. They know she is called Midnight and that she is the most secretive person online yet the only author who interacts with her fans on a daily bases. 

After waiting a very long time the three of them are all ready to get their revenge on her, when they get a call that they never thought they would receive, everything changes.   

Meeting Midnight in person changes everything as Edwards connection grows towards her.  He learns all about being on set, about being in her world, but its not just Edward who is starting to fall for the writer that is changing everything.  Will feels it too.  The bad thing is Cameron her High School and Collage boyfriend is right there with her.  Midnight herself is falling for the men she never thought she meet, even though she sees disaster up ahead. 

Who will Layla choose when it comes to the crunch and will Layla survive the front lines of Wrestling world that is commonly known for injury, heart break oh and did I forget killing its Wrestlers before their time? Could you survive?'