Cold Blooded...The New Year's Day Massacre

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By The Ghost

Publisher : Infinity Publications

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The Ghost
Born and raised in Richmond Virginia, The Ghost began his writing career while serving a ten year sentence in Federal Prison. Prior to that, he had been like many other hopeless brothers growing up amongst the castaways of society; walking through life with no real sense of purpose. But wh More...



Cold Blooded: The New Year's Day Massacre is the compelling true story about Ricky Javon Gray and Ray Dandridge's vicious attack on the Richmond, Virginia, community. In 1959 in a small town in Holcomb Kansas, it was the Clutter family whose brutal deaths caused a national uproar, and accounts of the murder were later chronicled in Truman Capote's book, In Cold Blood. It was one of America's most haunting crimes of that time. Fast forward to 2006 and the appalling murders of Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their daughters Stella and Ruby, whose untimely deaths shook up the city of Richmond. Brace yourselves, readers, for the version that never made the news. Lilly Ann Pauley, the woman who made the 911 call that would later put an end to Ricky Gray and Ray Dandridge's vicious murder spree, delivers a gripping account of the 2006 slaying of the Harvey family. In this real-life thriller, she will bring readers face to face with pure evil, and expose for the first time new and shocking information that law enforcement failed to unveil during the course of their investigation. Her story will shake readers out of their seats! Read and see how poorly she was treated by law enforcement after assisting them in breaking one of the biggest murder cases in decades...After years of silence, she finally speaks out!
When I began this read, I was a tad apprehensive, as I am not a non-fiction kind of guy. The foreward did not help the situation as it was a one-sided anecdote by the author that didn't grab me, but the opening chapter did. I am heavily into mystery/thrillers, particularly crime and legal fiction, and as such, the first chapter trapped me in. I was actually horrified at the crime committed by the two imbeciles, but when the other daughter was brought into the mix, I was gagging. And just when I am digesting how sick these two bastards are (for entertainment purposes), I am fearful for the woman that befriended the men and ultimately discovered that the man that she had in her home was responsible for the crime sending shock waves through all of the media. Now, I must commend the editorial job on this number, as the first-person narration of the events that lead to the cretins being caught and the events that lead the tipsters to Protective Custody was poignant, blunt and very engaging. I am a legal researcher/writer and nothing impresses me more than someone that doesn't find that policeman are God-like. Yes, there are very noble officers, but an abundant number of them are corrupt and/or liars and some do not set out to be that way, but the lure of the money associated with over time and their weakness to fall in line with their colleagues forces them to act and behave like policeman, and the narrator of this tale VERY thoroughly sets the stage to change the mind of anyone about policeman. 

This is a 97-page book that took a few hours to read and I wanted to read more. I looked up the cases on the Internet. I wish the author could have sat through the trial and given me a John Grisham-esque courtroom drama. Excellent read, and sure to teach a lesson, or two!