Werelove: Midnight Revelations (book 2)

ABOUT Lakisha Spletzer

Lakisha Spletzer
I'm an indie author who began writing at thetender age of 8. I've written everything from poetry, to fan fics, to novels.After high school I went to college and got a BA in Communications. Becoming a writer was one of the happiest moments of my life and I will continue to write as a move forward.


"Hi, my name is Laylah Cherie Le Croix, and being ignorant can be life-threatening." 
Laylah Le Croix is searching for answers. Dissatisfied with the silence from her caretakers on the subject of her kidnapping and, unnerved by her Father's sudden interest in her life, Laylah eagerly anticipates graduation day and the freedom to pursue her own goals. 
She secretly continues to see her boyfriend, Donil Silentshadow, who values her as a person and gives her the love she desperately needs.  
Were Council politics and a familiar enemy's insidious plans collide with the couple's happiness and threaten to unleash the hidden inter-tribal feuding amongst the Weres. 
Will Laylah be able to navigate the onslaught of this latest disaster or will the secret, those around her are keeping, finally consume her?

This is the second book in my YA dark paranormal series. There will be five books total. Book 1: Dusk Conspiracy

Tampa Bay Examiner

Reviewer: David Roth

“…. Werelove: Midnight Revelations is a fast paced, intense read that delves into some dark places we would often rather not go.  Really for the Y/A Twilight audience, readers of Sci/Fi and fantasy romance will also enjoy this book.” [Full Review]