Sunday Mourning

ABOUT Rhachelle Johnson

Rhachelle Johnson
Rhachelle Nicol’, a Northern California Bay Area native, is a mother of 5 and an avid writer.  She began writing over five years ago in her hometown of Vallejo. When she first started her career as a writer she was the Editor in Chief of a monthly faith-based newsletter, The Good News! More...



Sunday Mourning may be Friday night for some, addiction for others or the absence of a mother and/or father for a few.  But its the almost unforgivable or damaging mistakes that are made by the person(s) that gives life and ultimately teaches us.  The mistakes that impact us in a way that we don't understand until we end repeating the same behavior. 

I call mine, "Sunday Mourning" because the person that introduced me to my faith in God, taught me what it means to pray and how to get on my knees before the throne of grace also brought me my greatest pains in life.  "For out of the mouth flows the issues of the heart...".  Althought the issues were there before I was conceived, I slowly adopted those same issues as my own...

Sunday Mourning, a story of redemption, tragedy and the surrender to God that led to a life of purpose.
Lisa Jay "Sunday Mourning was an amazing narration of a woman's journey to herself through trial, heartbreaks, and errors. What makes this book different is the blatant honesty and transparency. We all have been Rhachelle at one of the stages in our lives. It gave me a chance to reflect on the journey I am about to embark on. My favorite part is how it illustrates God's relentless pursuit and love for us all, no matter what we have done. To have made so many mistakes and still at the end come into a realization of who God is and how much He desires the best for us, even when things seem rough... Simply beautiful. I saw so much of myself in Rhachelle, and I challenge you to flip through the pages of…"