Supermale's Gone and Left Us

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Humor

By Bob Frey

Publisher : Van Fleet Books

ABOUT Bob Frey

Bob Frey
  Bob Frey loves to entertain, make people laugh and think, and, perhaps, shake them up a little. He was a copywriter for several top Los Angeles advertising agencies and received several awards for his creative work. When he turned to writing fiction, he found it was a whole new ballgame More...



The Straw That Broke the Superhero’s Back


How much can a man, especially if he is a superhero, take? Striped searched and sent to the pokey as an illegal alien. Locked up with liars, thieves, and murderers and treated as a common criminal by the warden and prison guards alike. Scorned as a snitch and Boy Scout by the other inmates, Supermale, the defender of truth, liberty, and the American way of life, declines to escape since it would be breaking the law and send the wrong message to America’s youth. Finally, since his country of origin no longer exists and the authorities have no place to deport him to, the super patriot is declared a national security threat and detained at GitmoBay as an enemy combatant.


Is that the final straw that breaks the superhero’s back or is there more? At any rate, Supermale’s gone and left us. How does that bode for the future of the United States and the free world?  

Has it ever occurred to you, what if there really was such a thing as a superhero? What problems might he or she face? How about sex, for instance? Or what about changing into their costume? How many costumes would he or she have to have? Who would make them? Well, that's what happened to me. Supermale's Gone and Left us is the result. I hope it provides a few chuckles.

With a title like "Supermale's Gone and Left Us" I think anyone would wonder what this book is about regardless of whether it's their regular reading genre or not. Wouldn't you? I know I did and needless to say I agreed to review it.

Weighing in at only forty-four pages "Supermale's Gone and Left us" is definitely not a heavyweight contender, it's a short book, i.e. a quick read, but those forty-four pages are amazingly descriptive and draw the reader in from the very first sentence. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw the word "gloomy" used to describe anything other than the weather but there it was in black and white right smack in the middle of page one. "I took in his hangdog face, the sorrowful eyes, the gloomy mouth." Nice... I was immediately hooked.

So now you're probably wondering what "Supermale's Gone and Left Us" is all about. Well, let me tell you. Supermale is the epitome of a superhero. He's a law abiding citizen, he knows right from wrong and he believes in the innate goodness of the government. Yes, I got a good laugh out of that one myself. Unfortunately for our superhero he has gotten himself incarcerated. No, he didn't break any laws...unless you count the fact that he's technically here "illegally" because he never filled out the correct paperwork to gain US citizenship. Mm hmm... Somehow, in this book, I think the laws regarding immigration have gone too far. So now our wonderful superhero is sitting in jail being a model citizen and yet he is being tormented and harassed by prisoners and guards alike. Finally he is placed in solitary confinement for safety reasons; for the safety of the other inmates who keep injuring themselves in their ridiculous attacks on him. He's the man of steel guys...come on, what did you really expect?

Unfortunately I'm not going to share any more than that though because I really don't want to give the story away. Suffice it to say that "Supermale's Gone and Left Us" by author Bob Frey is a great book, it's very well-written, it's a sarcastically humorous tale and you can read it via Kindle for only ninety-nice cents. Bargain! Plus, there's a really nice twist at the end that will make you sit up and go "huh?!?"--Charlene Ratcliff, RebeccasReads