Ghost Stories And The Unexplained: Based on True Events

Biographies & Memoirs, Religion & Spirituality

By Emily Hill

Publisher : A. V. Harrison Publishing

ABOUT Emily Hill

Emily Hill
Emily Hill, author of GHOST Stories and owner of A.V. Harrison Publishing, is an IndiePub Coach who teaches privately, as well as at leading literary conferences, such as Edmonds Community College BizArt, and City of Edmonds WOTS Conference.  She is the author of the self-publishing serie More...



Seven spine-tingling stories of supernatural occurrences that have happened in the life of author, Emily Hill. From seances to spirits that return from The Beyond these stories reveal a remarkable side of a quiet life. 

The author explains: 

Imagine you hear the sound of chains dragging heavily down the long hallway of your parent’s home after they have left for work. The chains clank as they become tangled coming over the threshold from The Beyond.  As you stand terrified, barely breathing, a translucent image begins to take shape – you instantly recognize the manifestation as your grandfather who has passed over.  His specter roams the house, one room at a time, through the living room and each bedroom.  He seems to be unaware of your presence, as though he is unaware of your existence.  Has he come back to reassure himself that the family he's left behind is secure?

On your sixteenth birthday you hold the clammy fingertips of your classmates at a slumber party séance, having waited until midnight to summon the power of The Ouija.  Your friends gasp as the candles that throw shadows across the room flicker and the lens into The Other World begins to sweep across the board.

In the vault-like quiet that follows midnight you watching as the doorknob of your bedroom door turns, almost imperceptivity.  It creaks ever so slightly, rattling in its casing.  You know that it is not a human presence that has come a'callin' – a human would most certainly would have been caught by the alarm system.

You don’t think these occurrences could ever happen?  Think again.  Because they do happen; and they have happened to me.  I remember each incident vividly. 

This is a collection of contemporary ghost stories that recount my own experiences with The Unexplained supernatural occurrences in my life.


I was raised by opposite - and opposing - forces. My father was an engineer, a Meyers-Briggs INTJ; my mother was a brunette, voluptuous Gypsy, an ESFP. My mother's family wooed and welcomed the supernatural; my father was Catholic - and most certainly didn't. Their struggle for control resulted in a very tumultuous life, energy swirled around me, and my siblings, until well after our parents' deaths. This collection of seven stories of supernatural scenes - from seances to spirit sightings - capture the terrors I experienced as a child and the acceptance of the occult as an adult.

by Anna Wells, Oxford England, UK ~ posted on Amazon

Ghost Stories and The Unexplained, Book 1, is a truly gripping collection of the 7 chapters each of which describes instances when The Beyond crosses over to the world of humans. The collection opens with a chapter that sets the leitmotif for the rest of the stories. The grandmother of the protagonist has lost her two husbands to The Beyond. She makes no attempt at pseudo-scientific explanations, she simply knows and needs no formulae to prove it. Indeed, rational behaviours of adequate and confident human beings prove to be useless against the visitors from The Beyond. It is only that Knowledge of the truth that may save people from the ghosts.

It does not matter to her, to her granddaughter or to me what the ghost is or why it is there, but the fear that leaked from the pages of my Kindle seemed to fill the room. I was reading in bed, in the dark and though I am not easily scared I found that it took me all my courage to climb out from under the duvet and turn on the lights!

If I were to choose a favourite story it would have to be Turkey Creek and the Civil War Miss Who Walked Its High Banks. The sense of danger is perceptible through the chapter although it is impossible to pinpoint where in the writing it comes from. But the ending is astounding. It will horrify you but you can't help but appreciate it because it ties the themes of the Book 1 together.

Another story that demonstrates how subtle the borders between our world and theirs really are is The Poltergeist. The story is too dark, too dangerous and too full of disturbing images. I made a mistake of reading it before bed and I was afraid to fall asleep!

This book is worth reading, but keep the lights on! Highly recommended for ghost-story lovers, I give it five stars.