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By Eric Swanson

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ABOUT Eric Swanson

Eric Swanson
I'm the author of the paranormal novel, Closet. I have mixed elements of fantasy fiction with the supernatural.I enjoy writing and reading material dealing with paranormal activity. I believe Jesus conquers all and this is the general theme in the books I hope to write. I'm a Christian a More...


Derek is out of work and depressed. He graduated from seminary, but has yet to get an interview. While at the bottom of despair, he happens to come across a witch on the sidewalk and reads a book she left. This opens a portal to another dimension that the witch uses to take his family into. Now Derek must enter this demonic world to rescue his family. Along the way he gets confronted by the Holy Spirit, who shows up in seven different human forms depending on the problem and situation. Derek deals with the sin in his own life and gets empowered to gain victory over the forces of evil, but just when things are going well he finds out that his wife has turned against him and needs to win back her love before she can be saved. Will Derek be able to do this before his son gets sacrificed?

I believe the Holy Spirit is the least known member of the triune God. I wrote this novel, in part, to give the reader a better idea of how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. Another reason is my desire to see Christians grow in their faith. This novel demonstrates how the Holy Spirit helps us to grow in our Christian walk. I know while writing this book how my love for God grew and it is my hope that others will walk away from this book with a greater love for God and a deeper appreciation of the Holy Spirit's work in our lives as believers.

Closet is a gripping story about forgiveness and redemption with powerful imagery and a deeply moving story."
- Jessie Carter - Ashland Theological Seminary Graduate