Invisible Realities: Finding the Hidden Dimensions in Art

ABOUT Lyne Marshall

Lyne Marshall
I am a Queensland based artist and author of two art and philosophy books Gleaner or Gladiator: The Struggle to Create and Invisible Realities: Finding the Hidden Dimensions in Art


In this second book Lyne Marshall explores the many theories of the mind and its workings through the eyes of an artist. Topics such as the gift of creativity, the genius in art, mentorship, and the mythopoetic meanings of storytelling can impact on the way an artist thinks and creates. This book utilises the work of a select group of artists and poets, as well as her own paintings and photography to illustrate how creative people, by finding their own hidden story, can change not only their own outlook but the perceptions of their audience.

Our minds are constantly challenged to question not only what we distinguish with our eyes and ears as sounds, colours and shapes, but to look at the world from our own inner reality. There appears to be a gap however between this inner and outer self that remains a mystery. This gap can be bridged by the imagination but the energy and emotional content that is needed to create great ‘art’ requires more than ideas and insights. If art has the ability to change the world, why does a vast majority of the audience overlook this hidden layer or even have the interest and desire to discover it.?

The Invisible Realities book has given me insights to ‘Seeing’ the world and getting on and having a go at being creative, as well as developing my view on the importance of moments. It is often easier to do the expected and ordinary rather than have a go at the extraordinary. It will go on my shelf with other significant
books – including Thoreau and Emerson to be reread for further inspiration.
  Adult Educator Toowoomba