In Praise of Jamaica

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By George Meikle

Publisher : George Meikle

In Praise of Jamaica

ABOUT George Meikle

George Meikle
Jamaican-born George Meikle is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree (MBA) in business administration. He credits his Jamaican roots and his research orientation in social psychology with an interest in what motivates the p More...



In Praise of Jamaica celebrates the achievements of the Jamaican people - both home and abroad - invoking themes of the island's natural beauty and the strength and courage of its people.

On the author's return from Canada to Jamaica in 1989, it took a few years to re-focus on what it meant to be Jamaican. He then began to research the factors that differentiated jamaica, a small practicing democracy, from other countries with a similar colonial heritage. "In Praise of Jamaica" attempts to answer the questions -- what is uniquely Jamaican and why, and has the country achieved culturally since its independence in 1962.