Ethel's Song - A Comng Home Novel

Romance, General Fiction

By Tori Bailey

Publisher : Turnip Press Publishing

ABOUT Tori Bailey

Tori Bailey
Tori is the author of the Coming Home series that include titles:  A Second Chance at Goodbye, Ethel's Song, and Love, Made from Scratch.  She is a contributing writer for The Georgia Connector and Walton Living magazines.  Her short story, Zippee's Greates Adventure, was published in T More...


"Marry me?"  

Two simple words...One importan question...requiring a single word answer.  Except for Ethel Song.

Ethel wanted with all her heart to say yes, but a long held secret stood in the way.  The husband that abandoned her and her two sons twenty-seven years ago.  She wasn't sure if Howard was still alive.

That answer came on a Sunday afternoon in her dining room.  Howard was alive and wanted to return to the family he walked out on.  News of Ethel's pending nupitals came through a mutual source that had a vested interest in seeing Ethel miss her wedding day.

Ethel's Song is the second installment of the Coming Home series.  Tori spins a tale of mature love around the characters of Aunt Ethel and Madison.  Enjoy this latest book in either softcover or ebook. 

While writing my first book, Coming Home- A Second at Goodbye, I knew that Aunt Ethel and Madison needed their own story. I enjoyed creating the foundation for these two characters and providing the tease at the end of Coming Home- A Second Chance at Goodbye when Anne and Maggie ask Aunt Ethel how long she was going to make Madison wait for her. Madison's backstory was built in Coming Home- A Second Chance at Goodbye, with is ex-wife Liz. Ethel's Song allowed me to develope Liz's character. Aunt Ethel's life had been consumed with caring for family and Ethel's Song provided an opportunity to focus more on Ethel the woman. While Anne and Maggie's story was about new love, Ethel's Song is about mature love and finding the courage to fight for your dreams at any age.

"This second installment of the Coming Home series could easily stand alone.  Tori has a way of creating characters that could easily be your neighbor."  Idgie at The Dew