The Serpent and the Slave

General Fiction, History

By Scott Hunter

Publisher : Myrtle Villa Publishing

ABOUT Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter
Scott was born in Romford, Essex in 1956. His writing career was kick-started after he won first prize in the Sunday Express Short Story Competition. Scott divides his time between writing, IT contract work and drumming. He has recorded with internationally renowned rock band 'Jethro Tull' More...



AD367: Britannia. The Southern Provinces are shaken by the most ferocious barbarian invasion in living memory. Marius, youngest member of the Corinium council, is caught in a web of intrigue when it transpires that the traitor masterminding the barbarian alliance is his parents’ murderer, the feared and hated Imperial Notary, Paulus Catena - The Chain…


Narrowly escaping death in a bloody skirmish with an Irish war band, Marius is forced to undertake a hazardous journey to the mysterious Isle of Mona in a desperate gamble to destroy the alliance. He is accompanied by the fugitive slave and gladiator, Fraomar of the Alamanni, a man the emperorwants captured at any price.


Hunted not only by the savage Irish invaders but also by a team of elite imperial troops, Marius soon discovers that there are much higher stakes to play for than their own lives. . .


This is part one of The Chronicles of Britannia, a tale of heroism, loss, war and sacrifice as Rome’s westernmost provinces are swept inexorably to the very brink of the Dark Ages. . .

‘Superb! A wickedly fast-moving storyline with bloodthirsty action, nail-biting tension, clever plotting and a strong sense of authenticity. Fans of Scarrow, Iggulden and Sidebottom will love this - and so will aficionados of Lindsey Davis’ Falco series. Just brilliant.’ Berks Historical Literature Review