Awakening the Genesis Within

ABOUT Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.
For over two decades, noted self-help author Dr. Michael R. Smith has helped thousands of people all over the world connect to their highest selves as a coach, healing practitioner, and spiritual medium.  Dr. Smith specializes in the unique niche of helping empaths and highly sensitive  More...


In the Book “Awakening the Genesis Within,” spiritual mediums LD Porter & Dr. Michael R. Smith have dutifully transcribed the revealing dialogues resulting from two years of spiritual channeling sessions. 

Join in this extraordinary conversation with practical, down-to-Earth, and often humorous wisdom about how to use your spiritual powers to realize and evolve the life you desire. 

* Astral travel to stars, galaxies, & beyond. 
* Create a “psychic stethoscope” to amplify your spiritual power
* Learn to heal others with mental thought
* Tap your powers of empathy for healing
* Understand “corrective universes” in relation to karma
* Travel into new psychic realms such as “Timeinal” 
* Practice a spiritual alternative to psychology  
* Understand the future “New Earth” 

Renowned authors like psychic Sonia Choquette and Debra Poneman have been raving about the authors' work. After reading and absorbing the dynamic discoveries contained in this book, you'll understand why.